If you have a Will or you pass away without one, the estate will be probated, meaning that the distribution of your assets, resolution and payment of debts and payment of taxes will be overseen by the probate court.

As your Pasadena probate attorney, Richard Jacinto will:

  • Attend all court sessions
  • Consult with the estate administrator regarding Will challenges or disputes, creditors’ claims, contacting heirs and payment of taxes and other probate expenses
  • Assist in the sale of property or issues regarding its maintenance
  • Ensure the administrator is adhering to his/her fiduciary duties

Litigate on behalf of the estate or individual challenging the Will’s validity or capacity of the decedent when the Will was drafted and signed Mr. Jacinto can also help you draft your Will or advise you on ways to avoid probate so that your property will pass easily to your heirs or named beneficiaries.

Other instruments to avoid probate include life insurance policies and POD, or payable ­on ­death accounts. In case you become incapacitated and unable to make decisions regarding your finances and health issues, Mr. Jacinto can draft living wills, advanced health directives and create durable power of attorney documents so that trusted individuals can make these decisions for you without the intervention of the court. You can also dictate whether you want extraordinary life support measures to be taken for you under certain circumstances.