Pasadena family law attorney Richard Jacinto has over 30 years of legal experience and he has dealt with nearly every family law issue you can imagine. These include:

  • Spousal rights. Advising and counseling on issues relating to child support, custody, spousal support and domestic violence matters. Mr. Jacinto will protect your right to reasonable visitation if you are not the primary custodian or see that you are safe if domestic abuse is an issue. Should your case involve spousal support, he will advise you of it reasonableness and your right to receive it in certain cases.
  • Child custody. These can very difficult issues. Custody is determined on what is in the child’s best interests and the court will review the character of the parents, conduct, parenting skills, criminal history, evidence of alcohol or drug abuse, child’s preference, if mature enough, and the continuity and stability of the parent’s home and environment. 
  • Child support. Both parents are obligated to support their children though the custodial parent is presumed to be contributing significantly. Child support guidelines determine the amount of the support, however, you can request that the court deviate from the guidelines if circumstances support it.
  • Asset and property distribution. Mr. Jacinto can help you determine what a marital asset is and help negotiate, if needed, an agreement on the division of certain assets and debt obligations.
  • Other issues: Domestic violence, adoption and premarital agreements.