Anyone who is charged with a criminal offense is entitled to a vigorous defense and due process of law like personal injury claimants, you need representation at the earliest possible stage or you can jeopardize your chances of a viable defense. Pasadena criminal defense Attorney Richard Jacinto has been representing individuals charged with criminal offenses throughout the Pasadena area in such matters as:

  • DUI · Domestic violence
  • Assault · Theft · Welfare fraud
  • Stolen property
  • Drug possession and sales
  • Burglary
  • Sex crimes
  • Property crimes
  • Other felony and misdemeanor offenses

Criminal cases often require investigation of the crime scene and in taking witness statements. In some more complicated matters where the identity of the perpetrator, possible motive or the defendant’s intent or capacity is in question, forensic experts are needed. These specialists testify regarding mental capacity, to explain blood and DNA evidence or to recreate the events that led to the crime. If your case needs such support, Mr. Jacinto will advise you and develop a defense to challenge the prosecution’s version of events or the defendant’s motives.

Having an experienced attorney who is familiar with the judges and prosecutors inLA County can be invaluable in getting you a negotiated plea or reduction of the charges against you. In motions and hearings successfully challenging police misconduct or improprieties, Richard Jacinto has earned a reputation over the years of trust, honesty and devotion in the defense of his clients’ rights.